Thursday, August 23, 2007

# 15 and # 18 (again)

This is a blogpost I tried to create using Google Doc. I created it, but couldn't publish it my blog. Don't know why. The computer kept "hanging up" everytime I hit publish!
Argh!!!!! I've spent 45 minutes trying to get this to work, and it won't!
When I used Zoho Writer, it worked just fine! So I just "copied" and "pasted" this time!

Checked out Library and Web 2.0 and the perspectives on the future. I've only been a librarian for a year...I had no idea there were so many things to think about. But many of the perspectives make perfect sense. Libraries should be accessible and usable to everyone, not just our traditional customers that read books. Libraries are places for gaining knowledge and accessing information. Adding Internet access and expanding its capabilities within our system is great. Currently, our system has had to block those sites with streaming video until we complete a Bandwith upgrade. Yes, without My Space, the place has been a lot quieter, but without My Space those young people aren't coming to the library anymore. They're not checking out books at this point, but they might....
I LOVE the idea Worldcat for anyone to use! Before I became a librarian, I felt uncomfortable asking the Librarian to find books for me from other libraries. As a Librarian I can do it myself now, but what about everyone else? Unless we tell them about World Cat, how will they know????
Year One as a Librarian...I still have a lot to learn, but I guess some of it will be learned alongside a lot more experienced Librarians!

# 21 Podcasts

I took a look at the Podcast site and decided to try to listen to some things while at home. I went to the Yahoo site and did a search on "cooking". I found a Podcast that looked interesting. It was from a Vegan cooking Site and was a recipe for Onion Leek Tart. Since I have Dial up at home I was able to play a game or two of spider solitaire while the buffering was completed. It was interesting "listening" to the demonstration. But I guess I'd rather watch. Another reason to get high speed and all the little add ons....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

# 9 Merlin and library bloggers

I guess I skipped this initially and went right on to RSS feeds. I checked out some of the blogs on Merlin and then added it to my RSS feed. A couple of interesting blogs to note: "the shifted librarian" focusing on our need to be able to shift our focus at the library since so many things are tecnology related. I've only been a Librarian for a year, but I can see the need for this. I can still remember card catalogues (the real thing, not a computer) and librarians stamping the due date on the card in the back cover. I even remember using the internet for the very first time in the Library, at least 10 years ago. Google wasn't around....

I read another blog about the changing faces of our customers. Yes, this is a tough one. How do we keep the library as a library for our more "traditional" customers, while also creating a welcoming environment for our less traditional customers....the technology crowd. When the kids are in the library in the afternoon waiting for the computer, I can't distract them with a good book. All they want is the computer, and they're not very quiet. On the other hand, they're the future. I teach teens in my other job, and while they can be challenging, they are also amazing human beings. I agree with the blogger--We need more ways to make the library their space too.

However, i didn't agree with the blog suggesting that we rethink the dewey decimal system! No way! Its standard stuff! I can walk into any library and find my way around. How could we change it?

# 6 more Flickr and 3rd party

I created a magazine cover at the flickr 3rd party site. I've tried to upload it to my blog, but it won't work. I thik the blog is having issues because my "customize" page was a little weird looking. I like the magazine cover. I could use photo paper and create magazine covers as gifts. Pretty cool!

# 22 and 23 Gutenberg Overdrive, netLibrary

Downloadable audio booksare a great resource! For High School students doing summer reading--- they're all so "techno savy' and rather than having to wait for a book quick or hold or buy the book, they can download it! Especially when they wait until the last minute to do their reading and all of the books are gone...

I had a customer with her daughter come in a few weeks ago. Her daughter is vision impaired and we have very few books in LT for juveniles. Our audio selection is a bit limited as well, since her daughter loves reading and or listening to books. I was able to direct her to these sites and she was so excited. Kind of opens up her world. I have another customer who comes in specifically to find audio books for her husband who is vision impaired. He has rather eclectic tastes, so I also told her about audio books. Her husband is fortunatly one of those lifelong learners...maybe by necessity, and he knows how to do all of the downloads! He knows how to use an MP3 player too! She was quite happy, since we're usually only able to locate 50% of his requests.

I've also recommended audio books at my other job as well. Some children are "audio" rather than "visual" learners. Some children need to read AND hear. And some have learning disabilities that make reading impossible. Audio books are a great resouce for these children.

I visited the Gutenberg site from home. Looked at the list for the top 100 books. Pretty much anything is available. Even books one wouldn't think of as an audio possibility---such as Illustrated Manuals. I suppose its like listening to a podcast of a cooking show. Even if you can't see the actual demonstration, you can still visualize in your mind what it would look like.

I wish we could try the downloads at the library to see how it works. I've never seen/heard it in action since I have dial up at home and it would take days.... No one in my house has an MP3 player either. Maybe BCPL could offer a demonstration...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Almost finished 23 things...

I thought I was finished! But I'm not. So far, I've certainly added to my techno-speak vocabulary. I'm not certain I could easily re-create some of the steps of 23 things! I'm not sure I can even remember all of my passwords! Still, I've enjoyed it mostly, even with some of the frustrations. Its helped propel me into the 21st century!

Favorite parts? I like the RSS page and the Library Thing.

I've LOVED the aha moments when I was finally successful in completing a particular step. My dog's photo's on my blog and uploading a you tube video were the most rewarding. I also loved my avatar...I'll probably go back and change "my look" frequently.

Least favorite? All of the public sharing. Maybe its my personal paranoia? I don't think I'm comfortable sharing family photos and personal thoughts in a public venue. When I want to communicate, I'm most comfortable using e-mail, snail mail or the telephone. When you post something to the web, even if you later delete it, it still may be public property!

In any case, I now know what the rest of the world is talking about when they discuss blogs, You Tube, etc. Also helps when I watch Law and Order, etc...... Lots of shows dealing with Techno web based crimes these days. Now I know what they're talking about!

Monday, August 6, 2007

# 20 you tube and podcasts

I uploaded a you tube! I can't believe it worked!!! It took forever, but hey--it worked!

Falling water

Falling water